Monday, March 23, 2015

A radio show that you read

Sometimes I think it would be really cool to have a late night radio show. People could just call in and engage in a conversation about whatever topic was on the table for the night, let their voice be heard, have a laugh, shed a tear, etc. It would, admittedly, also be cool to have an outlet like that to just get some things off my chest, and maybe, just maybe, somebody out there might care enough to listen. I guess that's one of the most arrogant things going on in this age of social media: the idea that anyone out there would care the first thing about what I have to say about anything. But it's happening all over the place, so I guess there's some validity to it after all. Maybe that needs to be the first topic of conversation. Regardless, I decided to treat this blog like a radio show that you read. Maybe nobody out there will ever care to stop by and check it out, but if they do, it'll be here for them. I think that's the draw to talk radio. (I can't imagine what else it would be.) There's just something about listening in on the conversation that makes you feel a little less alone.

When I was right out of college and working at my first church, I had to have a "day job". (Some people I still have one today, because what could a youth minister possibly do that could take up a full work week, right? Another topic for another entry..) I would spend all day driving around town in an office supply delivery van. Lonely. Yeah I saw people all day, but there's only so much connection that goes on with dropping off their ream of paper.  I used to tune into talk radio just to have some semblance of human interaction. I even called in a few times, and got that child-flutter of excitement when I would go on the air. But the main thing was just to hear the voices.  I made me feel a little less alone.

So that's what this blog is going to be for.  I hope it doesn't ever get preachy. It'll just be my thoughts and realizations. My epiphanies and occasional rants.  But the main thing is this: stop by when you just need to engage in a conversation or just want to read one. I promise to be honest.

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